Medicare Certified Facility

This means that we have undergone a rigorous evaluation by Medicare and have surpassed their high standards.  We are the only facility in the region to have done so!

We are committed to quality and value your health.

 If you are here - then chances are  you know all this, perhaps you suffer yourself.  We can help you get your joy back!!!!

Neuropathy  is a nerve disease that can be devastating on the body and life. Most people suffer from at least one of the following problems and most people suffer from several.

How Do We Do It - We use the latest in technology with all of our experience to help the nerves heal and then work with you to improve the damage that neuropathy has done to you. It is not simple nor is it easy and that is why there are not many Physical Therapy clinics who do it well.

What We Do-We reduce the pain of Neuropathy and get people moving well again. 

The Total Health difference

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  • Burning and stabbing pain
  • Sleepless nights
  • No feeling in feet while driving
  • Poor balance when walking
  • Frequent falls
  • Fear of falls when going out
  • Sores on the feet
  • Discouragement that it will never get better 
  • Just downright miserable

We specialize in helping those who suffer from neuropathy with a comprehensive approach. We feel extremely confident that no facility in the region can match our thorough technique!!

  • High tech equipment to enhance circulation
  • Optimize mobility in the feet and ankle
  • Improve nerve activation
  • Restore lost balance
  • Return walking safety
  • Strengthen muscles
  • And of course- eliminate pain 

We are a medicare certified rehabilitation facility that specializes in treating neuropathy in the feet and hands.

Treating Neuropathy is not easy- that's why it is not done in many other Physical Therapy clinics and none do it like we do.

Total Health and Rehabilitation has developed a system, a complete system to address the cause and restores your function.

Do you have burning and numb feet?

Have you been frustrated by the lack of help?

Have you fallen because you can't feel your feet?

Have you already been to Physical Therapy with little or no changes?

Have you done the research online and been discouraged?

         We can help!