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Unbelievable How Much Better I Feel

I came in to the office after years of neck and shoulder pain with aching in my hands and arms. I could hardly believe how much better I feel after just 2 visits. I continued to follow the doctor's treatment plan for the next 3 weeks and my pain is the lowest it has been for years and years. I'm so happy I found his office.

Low Back Pain After Surgery

I had surgery on my low back to relieve my pain, but it never really went away and got worse after a few months. I was ready to have surgery again and decided to come back to see Dr. Hoselton as a last resort. He began a series of adjustments and Graston Technique (TM). After two weeks, my back pain was almost completely gone! I couldn't believe how much better I feel. I am so thankful for Dr. Hoselton and his wonderful staff.

Elbow Pain Relieved

I injured my elbow in a judo class almost 2 years ago. Since then, I've had elbow pain almost all the time, and especially when I lifted weights at the gym. After just 6 treatments with Graston Technique (TM) on my elbow, my pain was completely gone and I could do all my exercises at the gym with no pain. I can't believe how good I feel after being in pain for so long. I thought I would have to live with elbow pain for the rest of my life.

Pain Gone After 50 Years

I have had back pain for more than 50 years. I saw Dr. Hoselton and he helped lower my pain level a lot. I returned to see him a year later and he did electrical stimulation and Graston technique (TM) on my back. After a couple months of treatment, for the first time in 50 years, I turned to my husband and said, "my back doesn't hurt." I couldn't believe it. I recommend him to everyone who has back pain.

Orthopedist Wanted to do Surgery

I had an MRI of my neck, and they found a disc herniation that was causing pain and numbness to go down my right arm. I came to see Dr. Hoselton and he put me on their decompression table to decompress the disc in my neck. After 6 weeks of treatment, I didn't need surgery any longer. The pain and numbness in my arm and neck were completely gone. I'm so thankful that I saw Dr. Hoselton before going through surgery on my neck.

Pars Defect Discovered

I came to see Dr. Hoselton because of my back pain while running track. He diagnosed me with a possible pars defect. He sent me for a CT scan and discovered I did have a pars defect in the making. He referred me to an orthopedist which put me in a brace to allow my back to heal. I'm thankful that Dr. Hoselton knew when to refer me to a specialist. Now that my pars has completely healed, I come back on a regular basis when I need an alignment.

Hip Labrum Tear Discovered

I had hip pain that was getting worse. Dr. Hoselton suspected a hip labrum tear and sent me for an MRI. I didn't want to go at first, but then I decided to get the MRI. Dr. Hoselton's initial diagnosis was right. He sent me to an orthopedist who did surgery on my hip. Then I came back to Total Health for my Physical therapy. What a great staff. Their office has it all.

Excellent Staff

I had questions about how my insurance worked because it was so confusing. I spoke with April at the office and she was able to call my insurance company and let me know how it worked. She answered every question I had and more! The staff at Total Heath Center is top-notch!

Chronic Low Back Pain and disc Herniation Resolved with Physical Therapy

I had low back pain for about 10 years and nothing seemed to help much. I was diagnosed with disc herniation and several disc bulges in my low back. Dr. Hoselton referred me to see Dr. Zilke, the physical therapist. He and Kasey, the Assistant Therapist, were great. They were able to address areas of weakness that I had, and now I'm able to do things I haven't done in years. I really thought I was going to need surgery, but they didn't give up on me and I trust them completely. I have since returned for other problems which they always seem to help with.

Knee Pain Resolved with Physical Therapy

My knee pain was bothering me for about 6 months before seeing Dr. Zilke, the physical therapist at Total Health. Kasey, his assistant, paid careful attention to me during treatment and never left me to do my treatment by myself. I appreciated their one-on-one sessions. Most importantly, I got better and quickly! They really care for their patients and take pride in their work. I would recommend to anyone that needs physical therapy to go there.